Open Source Projects

October 2018
Scaffold Factory
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A Flutter plugin to build and customize the Flutter's scaffold widget with simple and flexible configurations. Also, this plugin provides various implementations of useful widgets that can use in UI design. The scaffold is a class provides APIs for showing drawers, snack bars, and bottom sheets.

September 2016
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Aurora is the core program of autonomous multi-rotor robots based on APM autopilot. We use the ROS platform and Mavlink protocol for the connection between program and robot. A multirotor or multicopter is a rotorcraft with more than two rotors. An advantage of multirotor aircraft is the simpler rotor mechanics required for flight control. We designed, optimized and manufactured hexacopter drone with a vision based AI and online 3D mapping using the C++ programming language on ROS platform.

May 2016
Visual debugger
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MRL rescue agent simulation team are introducing a new utility called Visual Debugger for RoboCup rescue agent simulation system. This utility is based on the rescue simulation platform’s viewer and was developed and extended based on MRL’s needs so that we can have different layers on top of normal map view very easily. Adding layers to the view makes it easier to monitor agents’ behavior and their corresponding tasks and targets and also let us visualize the output of different algorithms that are utilized. This gives a better understanding of what is going on in the algorithm and makes it a lot easier and time efficient for the developer to find potential problems and debug them.

February 2016
Optimization of nanofilms thickness using a Genetic Algorithm (GA)
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This project created for improving the results of a paper from the journal of applied physics. "Optical modeling and electrical properties of cadmium oxide nanofilms: Developing a meta–heuristic calculation process model" is the title of this paper.
Abstract: Cadmium oxide thin films were deposited onto glass substrates by sol–gel dip-coating method and annealed in air. The normal incidence transmittance of the films was measured by a spectrophotometer. D.C electrical parameters such as carrier concentration and mobility were analyzed by Hall Effect measurements. A combination of Forouhi–Bloomer & standard Drude model was used to simulate the optical constants and thicknesses of the films from transmittance data. The transmittance spectra of the films in the visible domain of wavelengths were successfully fitted by using the result of a hybrid particle swarm optimization method and genetic algorithm. The simulated transmittance is in good accordance with the measured spectrum in the whole measurement wavelength range. The electrical parameters obtained from the optical simulation are well consistent with those measured electrically by Hall Effect measurements.

June 2016
Quala pathfinder robot controlled by PID controller
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Quala PID Pathfinder robot programmed by CodeVision AVR with the C programming language which implemented and defined both PID and PWM methods for controlling the robot. The line following robot is one of the autonomous robots. That detects and follows a line drawn on the area. The line is indicated by a white line on a block surface or block line on a white surface. This robot must be sensed the color of the line. This application depends upon the sensors. Here we are using two sensors for path detection purpose. The IR sensor used for path detection and Sharp sensor used for obstacle detection. These sensors mounted at the front end of the robot. The microcontroller is an intelligent device that controls the whole circuit.

May 2016
Multi task monitoring and logger system
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Touchscreen graphical data monitor, debugger and Logger for CAN protocol based on an ARM-microprocessor which designed for an autonomous middle size robot.

  • Display live data in the CAN protocol attached to the system in a 128*64 graphical LCD

  • Store the information received for later review on the MMC memory card

  • Touch control with an easy interface for manual settings of circuits or related systems

  • Using the ARM Microprocessor that makes processing faster

  • Monitor several messages via RGB LEDs
  • Publications and Technical Reports


    Jazeb Nikoo, E., Hadipour Limouei, N., Rahnama Feshkecheh, S., Etemadi, M., Moradi, B., Abkhoshk, A.:
    IMAV Competition 2017 – Outdoor League Team Description, Guilano (Iran)
    9th International micro air vehicles conference and flight competition, France


    Deldar Gohardani, P., Mehrabi, S., Ardestani, P., Jazeb Nikoo, E., Taherian, M.:
    Visual Debugger, RoboCup Rescue 2016 - Infrastructure Team Description, MRL (Iran)
    International RoboCup Symposium and Competition, Germany

    * * *

    Deldar Gohardani, P., Mehrabi, S., Ardestani, P., Jazeb Nikoo, E., Rostami, S., Taherian, M.:
    RoboCup Rescue 2016 – Rescue Simulation League Team Description, MRL (Iran)
    International RoboCup Symposium and Competition, Germany


    Gholipour, M., Rasam Fard, H., Montazeri, M., Eskandariun, B., Mahmoodi, M., Fathalibeyglou, F., Ghafouri Tabrizi, M., Fathi Rad, R., Amiri, H., Hajikarimian, M., Rasam Fard, M., Saeedi Kamal, E., Noori, M., Tajshafaghi, B., Farsi, M., Houshangi, V., Jazeb Nikoo, E., Jafari, F., Ghoochani, M.A.:
    MRL Middle Size Team: RoboCup 2013 Team Description Paper (Iran)
    International RoboCup Symposium and Competition, Netherland

    * * *

    Jazeb Nikoo, E., Ghafouri Tabrizi, M., Gholami Azar, S., Ramezani, S., Farajloo, F. Mohammad Yousefi, Z., Ghasemi, H., Tavosi, S., Hossein Zadeh, M., Shafagh, M., Heidari, F.:
    RoboCup Junior Soccer B Open Weight League, Team Description Paper, Farzanegan 5 team (Iran)
    International Iran Open RoboCup Symposium and Competition, Iran

    * * *

    Jazeb Nikoo, E., Ghafouri Tabrizi, M., Karami PoorMoghadam, F., Otadi, N., Tabari, Y. Giveh Kesh, S., Gharagozloo, N.:
    RoboCup Junior Rescue a Secondary League, Team Description Paper, Farzanegan 5 team (Iran)
    International Iran Open RoboCup Symposium and Competition, Iran

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